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1. Entire area renovation

At Eagles Enterprise we have ample experience renovating entire floors, such as basements, bathrooms, showers, bedrooms Halls, stairs, storage rooms, parking garages, office spaces, or any area in need of a renovation/restoration

Renovating a ketchen damaged by flood water
Kitchen renovation

2. Minor Repairs and Handywork

We can also perform handyman's duties on a contract or on a one-time basis, and our technicians can do minor repairs, such as replacing doors, stairs, handles, misaligned doors, repair leaky faucets, or toilet seats, as well change light fixtures, ceiling fans etc.

Repairing the exterior of a window frame
Cleaning of a Stained Deck

3. Cabinets/Doors/Windows Replacement - General Carpentry

Many of the renovating work we have done is centered around building or re-building cabinets in Basement areas, Kitchen areas, bath rooms, or bedroom areas, our carpenters are ready to do house framing or fine finished pantry cabinets.

Installing Cabinets
Installing matching floor and cabinets

4. Electrical and Plumbing

As part of the asurance of the good quality of our work, we have available licensed electrician and plumbers So you can rest assured that our woerk will always comply with the building codes in their respective fields

Installing electric appliances
Installing new plumbing lines

5. Paint and Colour Restoration

We do general painting work in the entirity of the property, and one thing we pride of is the level of detail inevy job, But we also have the skills required to paint only the parts affected by floods, and do a quality colour restoration

Painting and restoring a wall
Painting and restoring wood floors

6. Floor Repairs/Resurfacing

Lets also mention that we have the service to repair the floors of your property, and if required we can re-surface hard wood floors Or remove stains from ceramic or masonry tiles, also we can polish cemented surfaces.

Floor Resurfacing
Floor replacement