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1. House/Property Cleaning

After flood water is removed the cleaning process is started, we ensure that all areas affected are cleaned and freed of odours and/or harmful chemical residues so you can be confident in our services, this is what we do best!

Eagles Enterprise cleaning crew
Applying Sealer coat to basement foundations

2. Floor Cleaning

Depending of the type of flood installed in the area affected, we would apply the right process to get everything cleaned and sanitized

Cleaning and polishing a floor
floor cleaning with pressure washer

3. Marble/Ceramic/Stone Masonry/Tyle Cleaning

In some cases where expensive materials are used on the floors, especial care need to be applyied when cleaning these surfaces.   In most cases these type of materials can be saved and restored.   When it comes especialized cleaning we have the experts and the know-how Your tiles and or syntetic materials.

Cleaning a tyle floor
Cleaning a tyle floor

4. Hard Wood Removal/Replacement

When the floor is made of hard wood, it might not be possible to salvage, in such cases we can replace the hard wood to your specifications, or we can repair it whenever possible.

Removing Damaged Hardwood floor
Install new hardwood floor

5. Carpet/Area Rug Cleaning

This is where we always outperform our competitors, in cleaning expensive carpets, whether in commercial areas of houses, or wheters is a hand made rug Our cleaning servcices will satisfy you

Deep cleaning a carpet with steamer
Sanitizing a carpet after a flood

6. Upholstery Cleaning

As an extended service we can clean the upholstery affected by a flood or by smoke, this is possible if the furniture was not submerged by the water or exposed to high temperature in the event of a fire, Smoke odours and small splashes can be washed away, and the furniture restored.

Cleaning a matress with steam cleaner
Cleaning and sanitizing a couch

7. Mold Removal

Very imortant after a flood damage is to remove the fongus and bacteria that grows within 24 hours if the area is not cleaned This bacteria is known to be a health hazard and it has to be removed immediately.   We can take care of this problem for you

Removing wall boards with mold
Cleaning mold from a wall

8. Structure Cleaning

To avoid problems with the propertys integrity we can also clean the structure and remove moist residues, Wheter it is steel beams, wooden beams, concrete or brick walls, the detailed cleaning cannot be neglected and you can rely on us for this task.

Cleaning the floor of an industrial building
Cleaning all around a flooded house

9. Cabinets/Doors/Windows Cleaning

Cabinets, Doors, Windows and the frame structures that support them can be also damaged or just simply dirty An you can call us to do the cleaning for you.

Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets
Cleaning a hardwood cabinet

10. Damaged Items/Junk Removal and Disposal

We can also take care of dispossing of the items that are damaged beyond repair, and need to be properly discarded

Damaged Items after a house flood
Damaged Items after a house flood