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When Disaster strikes

We are here to assist you in many different Ways:
  • Help Prevent Damage
  • Help Contain Damage
  • Help Clean UP
  • Help you Recover
  • Help you Restore

Whether disaster is caused by Flood, Fire, Demolition/Construction, by gatherings or simply by accident ..Call the specialist to learn more!


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... By natural causes, by human error or simply by accident, disaster strikes unexpected. Through the course of our company's history we've come accross many type of property damage caused by flood, by fire, by smoke, by constructions, and many other reasons.   But in all cases the common factor is stress they cause after the area affected is no longer usable.   And now our company is setup to assist you in minimizing its impact on your life or on your business.   We have setup an emergency response team that can certainly be reached within seconds when you need us.


Professional / Industrial quality services
Scalable to any type of emergency response

Eagls Enterprise Flood Prevention

Flood Damage Prevention

We can help you to ensure the
reason for the damage will be properly taken care of [more...]

Eagles Enterprise Flood Containment

Flood Damage Containment

We will be your best choice of service provider to stop any
further damage to your property and contain the situation. [more...]

Eagles Enterprise Mold Removal

Mold Removal & Cleaning Services

Our staff is very detail oriented
and will work hard to ensure satisfactory result [more...]

Eagles Enterprise Restoration Services

Restoration Services

From Handy work to walls re-building
Concrete and Metal .... we have the know-how [more...]


Where We Service

We are located in Toronto and we can reach any location in the Greater Toronto Area within minutes, we are also teaming with several specialist that could be available at a phone/text call, and can gather in less than one hour, ready, along with all the appropiate equipemt and gear and lets mention our training and experience.
All of that, available to come and assist you, regardless of the time of the day or the size of the damage or the reason for it.
Eagles Enterprise is a company with vast experience dealing with cleaning the mess left behind by flood damage.   And so, we can very confidently say that sludge, mud, sediments, storm water or raw sewage is not a deterrent for our specialist who are equipped and experienced in delaing with these type of emergencies

We are ready to assist you whenever you need us..


About Us

Eagles Enterprise was founded by Omar Rivera in the Year 2008 as a very humble small company providing cleaning services to commercial properties, during the last 9 years since it was founded, it has boasted a very high rate of customer satisfaction, which in in turn, has been translated into an explosive growth.
Today, the company has growth to have 40+ employees and it has diversified the cleaning services operations, with the creation of teams of specialized service technicians, plus the acquisition of the necessary equipment and training.   And today is managed as a very progressive company, well equiped and well prepared to provide services such as the emergency response to property damages from flood or other reasons.
This is not a new service, but rather something we've been doing along for some years, and we had a large portfolio of customers we had serviced before. The portfolio includes corporations, institutions, private companies and of course, home owners and rental properties.

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Contact Us

Contacting Us

Visit our Office, or Give us a call,

750 Oakdale Road, Toronto, ON, M3N 2Z4




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